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It is through your wonderful generosity over the past four decades that UCDC has been able to reach out and transform lives of the most vulnerable members of our society in urban slums and backward rural populations. This is a work in progress, and as always, we rely on your support to bring about change in society with equality of opportuinity.

Volunteers: Please lend us your time and talent to bring out full potential in our children and women. Contribution of books, School stationery, clothes, toiletries, food grains etc are most welcome. Donations will fund our programmes in Helath, Education, Income Generation Schemes.

Please make your cheque/draft in favour of
'Urban Community Development Centre'. All Donations are tax exempt inder 80 G.

                                        We welcome you to visit our centre!

Fr. Jose Arayathel svd


UCDC is in existence for over 42 years now. UCDC cameinto existence in response to the needs of the time more than 42 years ago, to become a part of welfare and economic development of the people of the slums existing then in and around Bandra. In that regard, UCDC can undoubtedly consider itself as a pioneer  of slum development in this suburb. The broad aim was to have a sustainable improvement in the quality of life and work of the poor and the marginalized living around Bandra, both male and female, of all socialandage groups.  

But today the scenario changed. The slums around Bandra disappeared and Bandra has become the queen of the suburbs. Migration to our metro city has become rampant and migrant workers very particularly domestic servants have taken the place of the slum dwellers of Bandra of yester years. But the vision of UCDC from the very beginning to this day remains the same : that is to promote a sustainable quality of life of the poor and the marginalized, living around Bandra.

We achieve this by conscientizingthem to managetheir income well, improving health and economic conditions, promoting participatory involvement and helping to build new capacities among community members through the promotion of skills and knowledge. Needless to say that we carry on this mission with sensitivity to the social, economic, and political contexts of the communities and the marginalized groups within them, very particularly infants, youthandwomen.

We are grateful and appreciative of all the people, both the in-house personnel and the scores of well-wishers and benefactors who join hands with the center to carry on the significant services to further heights. Needless to say that it stimulates and incites us to continue our adventure of service year after year to the less privileged of the society.


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